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Adjusting to Life Changes Counselling . shift happens

About Adjustment Counselling

You may have clicked on this page to see what adjustment counselling means...

Adjustment counselling may be right for you if....

You are experiencing difficulty adjusting to a new situation, for example divorce or separation, redundancy, bereavement or any other loss.

Perhaps the loss of a pet?

Or you may be adjusting to being part of an extended family? for example, a new Step-family?

Have the children left home? Are you finding it hard adjusting to more time on your hands? Home too quiet?

You will be helped to find the right way for you to navigate this period of change and uncertainty on your life.

You will learn techniques to manage the difficult feelings and emotions that adjustment to new situations brings, which will be tailored and specific to what you need right now.

You will be able to work out what your choices are and move forward, feeling lighter and less weighed down with your experiences, knowing that you are able to share them in a safe, caring, confidential place.

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