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Going Back to My Roots

Those of us of a certain age will remember this song- by the 70's/80's disco band Odyssey..

"I'm zippin'up my boots

Going back to my roots,yeah,

To the place of my birth,

Back down to earth"

This weekend, my husband and I went for a trip down memory lane.

We drove past the homes we grew up in.

When we got to the house I was born in, and grew up in,

It had really changed!

The house had been renovated and modernised,

New roof, door , windows and rendering.

As I looked around the street where I grew up,

I remembered all the people that once lived in the neighbouring houses.

All my school friends, what happened to them?

Where are they now?

I drove past the way that I walked to school with my brother and my mum and, sometimes, my dad.

The corner shop where I used to get my little paper bags of mix ups.

The launderette where we went to do the washing every week.

I reflected for a while on what I had seen, felt and thought.

The happy memories,

The sad ones,

And those in between.

Where I came from. My 'Roots'.

These memories will always be a part of me.

But they don't define me.

What defines me is the time that I spend learning about myself and about others.

What defines me is the time that I spend doing something about what I've learned.

What defines me is the time that I spend taking care of myself so that I stay strong.

Wherever we come from, wherever our 'roots' might be,

Wherever we are going, wherever we have been,

We are always learning, moving, growing, resting,

It's part of this adventure called 'Life'.

It's okay to ask for some help if the changes are tough.

Counselling can help you learn how to grow.

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