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A Driver's View


Both hands on the wheel, in charge of a car.

Or van, lorry ,bus, coach...tractor?

Of course, we don't all drive a vehicle..

But we are all in charge of our own journeys.

I wonder...what's your journey?

Where are you going?

Where have you been?

What does the word 'driving' mean to you?

To me personally, it means something I have to do to get somewhere.

Like driving to and from work.

Driving to and from Zumba or Pilates.

Driving to and from visiting the kids and the grandkids.

And yes, I enjoy driving. On the whole, anyway.

I wonder, what is your favourite place to drive to? Or if you're a passenger, to be driven to?

What breaks do you take on your journeys?

Or do you prefer just to carry on until you get there, wherever it is you're going to?
Long journeys, or short journeys?

Which gets me thinking about this journey that we all have in common...

The journey of life.

And yep, we sometimes feel that we are being driven up the wall..

By various events on our journeys.

It's ok to take a break, refuel, recharge those batteries.

Remember- your mind needs to refuel and recharge as well as your body.

Why not stop off for some counselling and get back on track-get that sat-nav in your brain going in the right direction for you!

Click to book if this sounds like something you need right now-you'll soon be on your way again!

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